The Difference Of Keyphone System And PBX Phone System

When you are starting a brand new business or expanding your business, one of the important items that we shouldn’t neglect, which is phone system. The selection of phone system in the office will affect relationship of company and the clients. It is important to choose the right phone system according to your business needs. Telephone is the fastest and easiest way to reach our clients and customers. The phone line in office should be routed correctly to avoid disconnected or line confusion.

To choose the suitable phone system, there are several factors to take in consideration. Choose the phone system that capable for your business needs. You will also need to consider the potential growth of your business in order to choose a suitable phone system. The features of the phone should also under consideration. In this article, you can find out the different type of phone system to match your business.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems
If your business has more than 40 employees and everyone need individual extensions, PBX phone systems is a great option as they provide advanced functions. When PBX phone system was newly introduced, it is expensive and affordable only by large size company with more than 100 extensions. Although it still designed for larger installation, but a fully functional PBX phone system is still applicable for small business company.

Keyphone Systems
Keyphone systems is usually the top option for small business company, as the system support five to forty extensions. Keyphone system is handle by a central control unit, which is also known as Key System Unit (KSU). Key System Unit will transfer the call from a key phone extension to another in house extension, also it prevents other extension user picking up the line that in use. Key system provides standard features that most business expected, but with lesser flexibility than a PBX phone system.

Installation And Maintenance Tips
The installation of PBX phone and Keyphone system required to be complete by well-trained and qualified telecoms engineers. All the lines, include outside and inside must be connected with PBX phone or KSU cabinet. The installation and maintenance for any of this phone system can be expensive as the phone system. The existing phone line in your office may not compatible with your new system, but in many cases you are still able to use it, unless the phones you have been using are new.

Before making any decision for your new business phone system, consider the future expansion of your company by foresee the number of extra needs. Although your current phone system is running well for the time being, but it may be a totally different case when it comes to future expansion or improvements. PBX phone system allow you to expand the capabilities by adding expansion cards, which also increase the number of port available. To expand key phone system, you can add another cabinet that matching the initial one. When deciding the new phone system for your business, it is also important to find out the potential cost for extensions or ports.